How To Cook And Eat MRE Meals

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When you talk about MRE meals, or any of the meals ready to eat, they are generally designed for use by military personnel. Such meals are made to help provide the people in the army with the best mixture of nutrition while they are out on the battlefield. However, there are a great number of civilians that are not looking into the importance of the MRE meal when it comes to having nutritious meals on hand for a variety of other reasons. MREs are just right for any sort of emergency situation, or a disastrous event, offering a quality meal when needed. However, when you are a trained, hardened and skilled soldier, it is not difficult, or even a big deal, to make these MREs. Ordinary individuals may have to go through a bit of a learning process to understand all that goes into making an MRE for regular use.

There Is One Package Per Individual

The MRE meals are nothing like a mess kitchen, where you will have the food cooked up and then served to the hundreds of military personnel on hand. Instead, this is a complete packet single meal for one person. It is uniquely packaged and when the package is open, you are not going to find it like any other kind of food package. You have to rip it open just like a package of chips, and never to be opened down the sides. Your MRE kit can be used later on for other purposes as well.

Meal packages will have a few different nutritious food items, starting with an appetizer, or entree, depending on how you want to look at it. You will also find a nutritious dessert or snack, bread, crackers and a spread such as butter, margarine and cheese. It will also come with utensils and add-ons like a spoon, ready to eat milk package, a flameless ration heater, which can be very helpful when you are in deep cold conditions. The FRH is activated with water. It can also be useful for a number of other miscellaneous items, including matches that are resistant to water, toilet paper, chewing gum, seasonings and a variety of toiletries.

Making Good Use Of Your MRE

If you are hoping to use an MRE for personal use, you will find that there are a number of things that you may want to keep in mind. First and foremost, you have to arrange it properly so that everything will be identifiable. Understand what the main entree is, as well as all of the items that are inside, such as the FRH and everything else. Your entree will be in a flat box and it should be leak proof and not spill out. Your heating apparatus will also be well-packaged to help so that it does not get damaged at all while you are transporting your MRE and it should be able to stand up to rough use.

Finally, even for other foods that are out there, it is natural for the MRE to use preservatives so that it will stay fresh for a long period of time.

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